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personal cyber insurance

Personal cyber insurance

One of the challenges facing Californians is the sheer volume of your personal information that is collected and stored by tech companies. From social media platforms to e-commerce websites, phishing, malware, and ransomware, which are becoming increasingly common in California, sharing your personal information online more than ever before. This may make you a prime targets for cyber-criminals who are looking to steal all manor of your personal and sensitive information.

otherAs your household becomes increasingly dependent on services and applications connected to the internet, you may also become a larger target for cyber criminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities. Here are some coverages that may be available to help you and your household. Availability, terms, and coverages to you and / or your household may vary:

○ Online Fraud
○ Cyber Attack
○ Data Breach
○ Identity Recovery coverages
○ Home network and mobile device security
○ Expert assistant in the event of cybercrime
        Family (plus these additional coverages)
○ Cyber Extortion
○ Cyber Bullying
○ Home Title Fraud
○ Complimentary access to WhiteHaX CyberSafe mobile app

Consider partnering with an independent California insurance broker, to get a customized personal cyber liability quote today. Availability, terms, conditions, and coverages may vary.

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