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Business cyber insurance

Business cyber insurance

Your California businesses increasingly may rely on internet-based services and applications, become more vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. Cybercriminals can exploit any weaknesses in the technology and networks, leaving your businesses exposed to significant financial loss and damage to your reputation. Cyber liability insurance, also known as internet liability or network security insurance, can provide protection from the various technology-based risks faced by California businesses like yours.

cyber businessCyber liability insurance covers a range of potential threats, such as system failures, ransomware attacks, data breaches, and funds transfer losses. These coverage can include:
○ First-party loss coverage can also cover the direct expenses and damages incurred to your business as a result of a cyber incident, such as cyber extortion, breach response, and crisis management.
○ Third-party liability can cover the costs to defend against damages resulting from your liability to a third party, regulatory fines, and penalties for multimedia wrongful acts.

Your California businesses, regardless of size or industry, may benefit from cyber liability insurance. It could help protect your business to minimize the potential financial and reputational damage from cyber incidents. Consider partnering your business with an independent California insurance broker today.

Availability, terms, conditions, and coverages may vary.

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